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This Weeks Radio Highlights

9.00 Conversation with Wendy Mitchell
12.30 The Fabulous 50's
16.30 Conversation with Philly Hare
11.30 Tech for Autonomy
14.30 Dementia Classics
20.00 Conversation with Wendy Mitchell
03.00 - 06.00 Ron through the Night
14.00 Conversation with Wendy Mitchell
18.00 Big Ballads
06.00 The Priests
14.30 Hits of the 60's
20.30 Johnny Cash
09.00 Conversation with Wendy Mitchell
11.30 Tech for Autonomy
16.50 Celtic Sounds
20.30 Nick Cave's Choices
Ron Coleman Co/Founder
Karen Taylor Co/Founder
Kevin Quaid Founding Presenter
Philly Hare Innovations in Dementia Advisor
Mark Firth Station Administrator
DEEPNESS DEMENTIA RADIO is committed to providing listeners with alternative views on how we can live with dementia as successfully as we can. We are also committed to creating quality programmes that are relevant to our dementia community. We will involve people with dementia in all aspects of Deepness Dementia Multi Media and are committed to being owned, controlled and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community.   

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